Saturday, January 17, 2009

Shark Success!

Toronto: Saturday January 17, 2009
Today, is a great day for Sharks. Organizer Bob Timmons of Ark II and a group of very dedicated shark protectors took to the frozen streets of Toronto to protest the selling of Shark Fin Soup.

The march caught the attention of the media as they marched down Spadina near Dundas (The area is known as China Town) which supports a large number of restaurants serving the controversial delicacy. More info to follow.


  1. IT was a great March with a large number of supporters for our sharks and our oceans. The age range went from 7yrs old to 60yrs.. The police of Toronto for the Downtown division were outstanding where they followed us and stopped traffic to allow us all to stay together. They also expressed they supported our cause and felt we were doing the right thing. Thank you Jeff for being apart of this event from California and having Warren meet up and join this Marh.. Till the next event Jeff :)

  2. Congratulations to all involved in this educational march! I'm glad you got the support from local law enforcement. It just goes to show that the more people know the more they want to contribute to the solution.