Saturday, January 3, 2009

Shame on Fallsview Casino Niagara Falls Canada

It came to our attention a few days ago that Fallsview Casino continues to serve shark fin products to its guests.

After continual requests to management for an official statement Oceanic Defence launched a campaign against the hotel due to their silence.

Fallsview casino is now featured on along with other top offenders Yahoo! and Chinese importer/exporter

We were made aware of this issue by a local university student Angela Greco that launched a Facebook group to bring attention to the issue.

In addition to the group Angela also launched a petition asking people everywhere to help her put an end to the serving of shark and to ask Fallsview Casino to have some sort of environmental sense of responsibility.

LINKS: Join the Facebook group | sign the petition

No longer can "tradition" be used as an excuse. Shark fining is a huge concern as the practice of shark fining has accounted for drops in shark populations of upwards of 90% in some species.

100 million sharks are murdered every year for their fins. It is a barbaric act where fishermen catch sharks on longlines and bring them aboard (still alive) HACK off their fins and dump them overboard again to sink to the bottom and drown in agonizing pain.

Could you imagine the public outcry if we were doing this to cute little kittens or bunny rabbits??!

How are we allowing this to happen? Because they are sharks? Because people see them as maurading killing machines? Because of the media? Yes, yes and yes. That is exactly why.

We have to speak out against this and DEMAND that shark fining and the sale of shark products be outlawed.

Contact Fallsview Casino and demand they take all Shark products off their menus.

Steve Chase
Executive Director of Food and Beverage
Fallsview Casino Hotel Niagara Falls Canada

Greg Medulun
Manager, Public Relations,

Fallsview Casino Hotel Niagara Falls Canada
Direct: (905) 371-7630,
Toll-Free: 1-888-FALLSVU, ext. 17630,

Paul So
Director Golden Lotus Restaurant
Fallsview Casino Hotel Niagara Falls Canada

Fallsview Casino Resort
6380 Fallsview Boulevard
Niagara Falls, Ontario
L2G 7X5

Direct line: (905)371-7683



  1. Impressive blog - keep up the great work! We must all join together to end the many insidious forms of animal abuse that exist in our society.

  2. Thanks PC. I really want to do my part to help people understand the waters around us and what we can do to assure we leave this planet in better shape than we found it.