Friday, January 9, 2009

LIARS! SHAME ON ALIBABA.COM & YAHOO! & Yahoo! lied! They announced that as of January 01, 2009 ALL shark products would be removed from their sites. Now this is partially true, all products have been removed from ENGLISH speaking websites but a quick search by our affiliates in China found pages of results.

We are VERY disappointed at this smoke and mirrors attempt to quiet a movement that is only trying to bring light to this illegal activity. Many countries have banned the practice of shark fining due to the fact that the way these animals are caught cannot be proven sustainable.

Companies that continue to be involved in this trade are in direct violation and more interested in monetary gain and greed of their board members.

The FIGHT is not over and because of their deceptiveness we will ONLY grow our movement.

The thing that really adds insult to injury is they would announce an out and out lie on the eve of the INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF THE SHARK.

Our findings: (eng version) - search for shark fin, no food items are returned. (Chinese version)search results:

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  1. Even on the english version we sourced over 80,000lbs of sharks fin in 7 days by just asking the vendors.

    Keep up the pressure.

  2. Thanks Patrick, We're doing all we can from every angle we can think of.

    The shark movement is gaining ground every single day. More and more people are choosing to educate themselves on the plight of sharks.